Leading HGV Security Systems provider, TISS, are celebrating after their new ‘Impregnable’ anti-siphon device won the 2006 “Kill Spills” award for preventing diesel spillages.

The award is presented annually by the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF) as part of their campaign to increase awareness of the dangers diesel spills pose to motorcyclists.  This year, the recipient of the award was Sainsburys, due to their decision to fit the TISS ‘Impregnable’ anti-siphon to their fleet of vehicles.

The anti-siphon is named the “Impregnable” due to its unique float-valve that locks off when the tank is full.  The ‘Impregnable’ is highly secure because it prevents a thief from gaining access to the float-valve, making it impossible to tamper with the device.  Whilst there are a number of anti-siphons available similar to TISS’ low-cost Standard anti-siphon, the “Impregnable” is the only system capable of completely preventing skimming off the top of the tank and diesel spillages.  

TISS Sales Director, Ryan Wholey, explains: “whilst our Standard system is an excellent, low cost deterrent to diesel theft, we realised that skimming fuel off the top of the tank and diesel spillages were more prevalent concerns to operators.  We are delighted that the Impregnable prevents diesel spills, which, in addition to saving hauliers’ money will help reduce the high number of accidents caused by diesel spills”.  

Sainsbury’s Head of Engineering, Gary King, explained why he fitted the product:  “we evaluated several different devices and felt the TISS unit was the preferred option.  The ball-valve prevents the fuel sloshing around the tank so stops leakages and it is also impossible to overfill the tank.” 

TISS featured prominently in this year’s “Kill Spills” awards as the runner-up, Co-Op Retail Logistics, also fit all their new vehicles with TISS anti-siphons.  TISS’ Ryan Wholey, commented: “the fact that the two leading companies for this award fit our anti-siphons shows how effective our devices are in preventing diesel spills and siphoning.  No other anti-siphon devices can do this”.

Subsequent interest in the “Kill Spills” award has prompted orders for the ‘Impregnable’ from companies including Britvic and Imperial Tankers. TISS will showcase their full range of HGV security systems at the CV Show in April.


(Published in Freight Magazine, March ’07) 


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